Experience going from Morrow MA-1 to MA-3?

Interested in hearing from anyone with recent experience going from Morrow Audio's MA-1 to MA-3 interconnect. Have MA-1s now. Curious what benefits you heard. Have searched here and read "you get more" as you move up in the line. Is MA-2 or MA-3 the better option? Looking at their trade up program. It's definitely affordable.
OK. Thanks once again, Runnin. My system is posted. Silver per se hasn't been a problem. I'm using Clear Day speaker cables; in fact the Clear Days brought a huge improvement - as much as a major component upgrade, to my ears. BUT the Totems use a metal dome tweeter and don't cut bad digital recordings ANY slack (e.g., Hendrix - Bold as Love: Todd Rundgren - A Wizard a True Star being standout hard-to-listen-to examples from my CD collection). Component matching - cables being a component - is definitely something to pay attention to. Great feedback from you on the MA-3s. The current trade up program at Morrow is hard to pass up right now.
Hmm, I've heard good things about Clear Day cables, thanks for the tip. I know what you mean about metal domes!
You get a hankering' to just try something different, Runnin, give Paul Laudati at Clear Day a call. He has a 30 day money back policy. Good guy to work with.
I've been trying some different kinds of music, and old stuff from Ella Fitzgerald to Bob Dylan, and that extra detail really makes it enjoyable. It makes me want to upgrade the speaker cables now, but I need winter tires!