Experience going from Morrow MA-1 to MA-3?

Interested in hearing from anyone with recent experience going from Morrow Audio's MA-1 to MA-3 interconnect. Have MA-1s now. Curious what benefits you heard. Have searched here and read "you get more" as you move up in the line. Is MA-2 or MA-3 the better option? Looking at their trade up program. It's definitely affordable.

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I had need of two sets of IC's in my system, and had a MA-1 pair and an MA-3. Mind you, I've got better than lamp cord for speaker wire too. I replaced the MA-1 for another MA-3 with Eichmann silver bullets, and I'm now getting a depth to my sound stage imaging that the MA-1 didn't permit.

I think the added detail is what provides this, and speakers that have above average resolution helps too. I'd suggest going for the MA-3 for this reason. I'm going to stay here, and maybe upgrade my Audioquest Type 4 speaker cable down the road. It's really nice too, but I'm willing to try the Rocket 44's.
Harshness has been a pet peeve of mine as when I first got my current speakers I didn't realize they could be forward and bright sounding with the wrong electronics/cabling. I should say currently I have Paradigm Sig 6 version 2 speakers and Parasound (A21, P7) electronics with an Oppo 95 player.

I have pushed my system pretty loud with different tracks, and am quite happy with the sound, not hot sounding compared to the MA-1 at all. I'd say that the improvement over the MA-1 might be a touch warmer even. I talked to Mike Morrow personally(A very approachable guy who is willing to take the time for his customers) and asked him about brightness with the Eichmann silver RCA connectors. He said they wouldn't add any brightness over their regular connectors and he was right. That being said, if silver based connectors don't add any brightness, then the MA-3 with regular connectors wouldn't be an issue either.

No affiliation, but I respect a guy like that enough to mention it.
Hmm, I've heard good things about Clear Day cables, thanks for the tip. I know what you mean about metal domes!
I've been trying some different kinds of music, and old stuff from Ella Fitzgerald to Bob Dylan, and that extra detail really makes it enjoyable. It makes me want to upgrade the speaker cables now, but I need winter tires!