Experience going from Morrow MA-1 to MA-3?

Interested in hearing from anyone with recent experience going from Morrow Audio's MA-1 to MA-3 interconnect. Have MA-1s now. Curious what benefits you heard. Have searched here and read "you get more" as you move up in the line. Is MA-2 or MA-3 the better option? Looking at their trade up program. It's definitely affordable.

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Hey Runnin - Thanks for the reply. That's nice to hear about the MA-3 stage depth. I tend to agree with you and believe increased resolution carries spatial cues that contribute to soundstage perception. I'm a little concerned however that increased resolution might come across as hot and harsh. Any comments about tonal balance of the MA-3 vs MA-1? Thanks again.
OK. Thanks once again, Runnin. My system is posted. Silver per se hasn't been a problem. I'm using Clear Day speaker cables; in fact the Clear Days brought a huge improvement - as much as a major component upgrade, to my ears. BUT the Totems use a metal dome tweeter and don't cut bad digital recordings ANY slack (e.g., Hendrix - Bold as Love: Todd Rundgren - A Wizard a True Star being standout hard-to-listen-to examples from my CD collection). Component matching - cables being a component - is definitely something to pay attention to. Great feedback from you on the MA-3s. The current trade up program at Morrow is hard to pass up right now.
You get a hankering' to just try something different, Runnin, give Paul Laudati at Clear Day a call. He has a 30 day money back policy. Good guy to work with.