Expensive Condo - Expensive Audio

This article on Yahoo shows pictures of the world's most expensive 1 bedroom condo. Are those the Goldmund speakers in that first picture?

Man, that place sure has a cold look to it. Reminds me of an office more than a living space.
Looks like a hospital waiting room.
Last night's episode of "Million Dollar Rooms" on HGTV featured an audiophiles multi million dollar a/v room featuring walls of vinyl, large McIntosh tube amps all over, and some very large speakers. They'll probably show it again sometime. ALso there are some photos of the room that you can find on the "Million Dollar Rooms" portion of the hgtv website.
Here's a clickable link to the site. They are very easy to create. Read about mark up tags below the "Your repsonse" box.

to answer your question, yes, it appears they are Goldmunds of some sort.
Saw that "million dollar room" and the setup, and decor was no where near what could have been done for over a million. The gear seemed to be awesome however.
I saw the same HGTV episode with the Million Dollar audiophile Room. It stated that the audiophile had 125,000 LP's and a $1,000 a month electric bill.

I loved all of the Mcintosh gear.
Bizarre speaker setup of the Goldmunds - so far apart you'd get zero center fill.
It all looks great, but how does it sound? By any measure, not good, having all the acoustic flaws that are well known to all in the hobby. Eye candy it is!
Earthquake and Tsunami insurance should be in order.
More money than sense for sure. Looks great, but not a practical living environment. And yes, those are Goldmunds. Unfortunately, it appears that the owner stuck them in that room for a high bling factor with no regards to even remotely getting the best sound they can offer - so sad. However, I am grateful that the owner purchased them and is helping keep the high end alive and well. Us sensible audiophiles benefit from the deep pocketed "look at me and what I've got" types.