Expanding a 2-channel system to surround

I have a Krell kav-400xi integrated amp that has a "home theater throughput" mode. This mode basically bypasses the preamp section and allows usage as a 2-channel power amp.

Are there any cheap(ish) home theater processor with a 3-channel amp? I am just thinking of adding small satellite speakers for the center and back channels, so I don't need anything particularily powerful.
Not that I know of. They come with no amps (preamp/processor) or with all the amps (A/V receiver). Of course, you do not have to use all the amps.

I would look at receivers.
marantz avrs are a good bet for your application--you can configure to use your krell to power the fronts and use the avr for center and rear.
As Theo and Loomis said, look at receivers. Personally I like the Onkyos. Use the processor functions of the receiver and use 3 channels of amplification from the receiver. I set up a similar setup of several different occasions with good results.


It seems the cheapest Marantz receiver (NR1501) doesn't have pre-out. What other cheap options are there that have pre-out?

Also, it seems most receivers are 7-channel, which seems wasteful since I will only use 3 of the channels. Is it common to have bridge a bridge mode, so that two or more channels can be combined?

I really like the Onkyo receivers. Yes, any of the current models will be 7 channel. Some will have bi-amp option that will allow you to bi-amp a pair of L/R front speakers if the speakers have bi-wire/bi-amp inputs.

Check the various receiver manufacturer's websites or a large vendor site like J&R. You should be able to easily find receivers that have pre-outs and have bi-amping capability.