Exotic Audio

Please have a look... It's well worth spending a few minutes...


Any comments?
By the way, there are pages of pictures on this site...
Man, those Volares will turn any living room in to Coach. The perfect speaker for that special frequent flier in your life. There are some real Picassos in audio. Es ist Superkool.
It's great to see a lot of the gear referenced in the discussions here. Someday I hope to listen to much of it. I am surprised at his interest in Denon -- what do others think about their gear? His comments and pics kept my interest through 30+ pages? Where is page 3? Thanks for the heads up.
For your convenience:

Exotic Audio Website

Audio designers are a strange lot. Very cool site
But be patient.


All I can say is WOW!!!
My wife and really enjoyed it.