Exemplar Denon 5910 owners

I just bought the Exemplar 5910 player and would like to know what kind of tubes that can be used with this unit. Any impression on the 5910 against others top end players? I tried the search fuction but most impressions are for the Exemplar 2900 and 3910. Thanks.
Call John Tucker directly at 425-334-4733. That's what I did. His customer service is outstanding.
Hey Purk, noticed in another post that you've been an owner of both the stock Sony SCD-777es & the Modwright version.....I'd very much like to hear your listening impressions. What speakers were you using when you were comparing those to the 5400es? 
   Any thoughts would be much appreciated...peace
Hi funkyoto,

I noticed that you are a new member so you may not have realized that this thread is almost nine years old. ;)

Maybe I can address your question somewhat:

I have a stock 5400es and a ModWright 5400es with all the bells and whistles. The stock 5400es is a fine sounding SACD/CD player. The ModWright is in a completely different league, as well it should be for the additional cost. The ModWright is very un-digital sounding, more dynamically accurate, with a much larger and more real-to-life soundstage, and imparts just the right amount of tube magic to my otherwise solid-state system.

Hope this helps,
I had the Exemplar 3910 and 5910 - both outstanding DAC/Multi-Players.

The 5910 is a beast!  Very well made.

John does amazing work with choke power supplies.

The 3910 and 5910 both take the  5965 , 6829, 7062, E180CC, or CV8431 family - John loves this family of tubes and rightly so.

I still have a large collection of 5965's, 6892's, 7062's - PM me and maybe you can have them all at a great price.  Then roll to your hearts content.