Exemplar Denon 3910 and Oppo 93/95

I’ve had my Exemplar 3910 over 10 years and the transport is finally beginning to fail. Has anyone gone from a 3910 to either the Exemplar Oppo 93/95. I’m wondering how they compare. I listen to classical music exclusively on this system. Also considering Shanling but have no experience with them.
Unfortunately I don't have the information you're looking for... but I do hope the thread gets some responses.  I had an Exemplar Denon 2910 and totally loved it.  I sold it when I bought a new DAC.  Tried a stock Oppo as a transport and it was significantly worse than the Denon which eventually led me to a server based system instead.  I always wanted to hear the Exemplar version of the Oppo though.  I do miss my SACDs. 
You want to stay away from Shanling,they may have the cool factor going but there are reliability issues.