Exemplar Denon 3910

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Exemplar Denon 3910 unit and if they had any pros or cons.
Run a search. Lots of posts. Most people are very happy with it (myself included). Only con I know of is that modded units sometimes are harder to sell and recover a reasonable % mod costs.
The Exemplar 3910 equals and surpasses many of the "big buck" units available. Very musical, detailed, etc. Highly recommend!!
I own the 3910: almost two years. It has been delivering the goods and hasn't disappointed. Only con I can think up is the startup. A little funky delay when starting a cd. I'm told it has been a problem with all 3910s. I love mine. Use to own the Audio Aero Prima. Aces it top to bottom and that was one hellava cdp. John Tucker is terrific. Don't wait for an email response. Call him.

warren :)
I have had the entire sequence of Exemplar players, 2900, 3910, 5910, and soon the Shanling sacd player. There was a further mod of the 3910 with the post-dac filter parts largely replaced. I did not have this unit but heard it. That would be what I would seek. I heard the moded Shanling cd player at CES and was very impressed. I found that Shanling made a sacd player in the same series and asked John to work his magic on one for me. I should have it by the end of July.
Excellent universal player. I have used the Exemplar 2900 , then 3910 full mods.
I asked John to replace the Auricaps ( not so great) with Mundorf Silver capacitors and the difference was amazing.
Jean, the John's 3910 "full mod" as you say is with Auricaps? He does not use Mundorf Silver capacitors? I got my 3910 almost two years ago. Now I'm wondering which capacitors he used.
Yours was an Auricap version certainly , like mine originally (tiny yellow caps)
John has been using this capacitor for the last several years and played with Dynamicaps lately. The Mundorf Silver/Oil is a great quality/price capacitor. Many recommended it to me as a better choice in this specific configuration compared to the Silver/Gold. Vcaps would be a good choice as well at a far larger cost though.
Mundorfs have replaced Auricaps in my Exemplar preamp with great results.
I've had my Exemplar 3910 for about two years, and I am very happy with it.
Mine makes me cry. I've been trying to sell it forever, for financial reasons. I'm taking it off the block tonight - can't part with it.