Exemplar Denon 2900 Tube Rolling

I'm using NOS 7062 Amperex Holland tubes.Has anyone rolled other tubes in Exemplar Denon 2900?If so,would you please describe their tonal characteristics?
What family of tube is that? I am no tube expert but am always willing to learn. What are some of the more typical drop ins. Have you tried "tube asylum" in Audio Asylum lots of people who seem to be quite knowledgeable.
The mod exemplar/denon 2900 come with this tubes.On the original pack is mentioned is type 7062,Amperex,brand Beckman,production type 1965,E 180 cc.I don't know what family of tube is,i'm not expert,this is my first tube cd player.
Call John Tucker at 425 334-4733. There is also the 6829, and the 7062 pinch waist. Also I think there is the 5695, which is what was in my Exemplar 2900. The 7062 PWs are expensive, but this is what I preferred in the 2900. The 3910 and the 5910 Exemplars, however, do better with the 6829. I think all 6829s are GE.
I'm using Mullard 7062's in mine...sweet. I also have- for backup- a pair of NOS Amperex 7062's,a pair of Phillips E180CC, a pair of GE 12 AV7's and a pair of Tung-Sol 5965's. The Tung Sol and GE's don't sound as good as the 7062 or E-180CC, but work fine in the Exemplar....

The Phillips render great detail, but not quite the presence of the Mullards. The Amperex are not as sharp as the Phillips, but have much of the character of the Mullards.

All are long-life tubes, so my current supply should hold me for awhile :)

Have fun- roll your own!
Sorry about saying 5695, it is indeed the 5965. I think the 7062 is the same as the E180CC and the 12AV7 the same as the 6829.

I might also menton Herbie Hal-O dampening rings. I tried them, but ultimately decided against them.