Exemplar audio Portal Cables

Does anyone have an opinion on these cables? Is it apples and oranges or do they compare with the Synergistic Research Galileo universal speaker and interconnect cells, the Aether Audio Black Boxes or the Nuforce Magic Cubes?
Only Norm knows about these cables.

TBG what say you?
Wait for his review but keep in mind there is an accommodation price that won't be disclosed.

And it will be the "best thing I ever heard".

Let's re new this post without the wise guy sniffing up the ...

Anyone have these cables in their system? JT is sending me some to demo.
Audiofeil, that phenomenon is endemic to the industry.....
Cable of the week will they be around in 10 Yrs.
Mine will. No more cables for me.
I have these cables... bring your own over here and compare them if you'd like