Exemplar Audio Exception Integrated

I recently purchased the Exemplar Audio integrated amplifier after selling off all of my separates to raise tuition money for my son and to pay off some audio debt:) I had made up my mind that if I could not find such a component I was getting out of the hobby. I came across some forums talking about John Tucker and Exemplar Audio and then talked to a dealer who heard his latest line of components at an audio show. The dealer was really impressed by what he heard so I eventually purchased the Exception integrated.

I received the unit and right out of the box the Exemplar Exception Integrated was simply amazing. I have owned several nice pre-amps that includes the Parasound JC-2, First Sound MKIII, Coincident Line Stage and the Sanders pre-amp. All of the pre-amps were very top notch components but I have to say that the pre-amp section of the Exemplar Integrated is simply wonderful sounding. Music is clean, pure and has a presence unlike any I have heard.

I was concerned about the Exemplar Integrated being only 50 watts but after only a couple minutes of listening I knew this wasn't an issue. Clean and
incredibly powerful sound is all I heard. John recommends 90db or higher efficient speakers for this unit. The combination of the pre-amp and amps in this component is a match unlike any I have heard.

I now have about 100 hours on the unit and it has not disappointed.

Importantly, with a top notch front end feeding this component you would have to spend in the 20-30K to better it. That is no exaggeration!

I believe the high end audio world is starting to see these type of components surface and that is a good thing. This rig is matching and in many cases bettering my previous system of separates.

I own the Von Schweikert vr-35 speakers and they work very nicely with this gear.

These are the types of components I will now place in my listening room.

Are there any other experiences out there like mine?
I have built my entire system around these types of components including an Exemplar DAC.
I wish I had run into John 5 years ago. I wasted a lot of money chasing different components. I love the Exemplar DAC as well. Extremely analogue sounding.
Chrshanl37 which Exemplar DAC do you own? What have you compared it to? John told me his current Exception DAC has been compared to the Meitner and dcs.
I have a modified xindac 5. I have compared to ee mini max, mhdt Havana, tube audio design tadac, db labs tranquility, NAD m51.
Last Summer I got one of the Exemplar integrated amps to listen to. At the time, I had an Exemplar Exception preamp. I told Tucker that the integrated amp sounded better than the preamp. I understand that the original preamp is now changed. I thought I would sell my LSA Statement integrated amp, which is also one of John Tucker's treatments, and buy the integrated. But that was before my main BMC M2's broke down and I had to resort to the LSA, which is 200 watts per side.

There is little question that Tucker's power supplies and the use of the Soviet tube used throughout his designs are outstanding.
I agree. The Exception is amazing for 50 watts. That and his Exception DAC make beautiful music.