Exemplar Audio DVD5910

I've been bugging John Tucker for eight months about constructing a fully balanced modification of the Denon DVD5910. He has been working on it the past five months and has finally finished his revisions. According to John it blows his latest version of the 3910 out of the water. I've sent him a unit to mod and I expect it to be here by the end of August. I will retire my Exemplar 2900 to my office system.

My update to follow in September.

Ken Golden
The Laser's Edge
do you have any comments on the performace of your 5910 Exemplar???
To be perfectly honest I was very disappointed in the performance of the 5910 and I sold it off after a year. It was "smooth" sounding but I found it to be lacking in dynamics and it had an obvious mid-bass deficiency. I heard from the gentleman I sold it too and his comments were very similar to mine. I still have John's Denon 2900 and I actually think it sounds much better. I replaced the 5910 by going back to a separate transport/DAC arrangement - both from Accustic Arts (Drive 1 Mk. 1/DAC 1 Mk. 4). The musical reproduction is on a completely different level from what I was experiencing. It still leaves me shaking my head in wonder - it is without question the best digital front end I've ever heard. I hate writing a comment like this because I think the world of John Tucker but you did ask me directly - the 5910 was a real non-starter for me. Perhaps after his success with the 2900 modification my expectations were too high.

Ken Golden
You hate writing a comment like this?

I think this is great that you posted your opinion. It helps people in their research and prevents some from making a mistake.

There seems to be almost like a cult for some modders(not poking at exemplar directly, there are others). People have their amps, preamps or digital sources modded and the only opinions I see posted are positive ones. And yet you see bunch of modded equipment for sale.

I had a cd player modded. I had an amplifier modded.
Neither of these pieces synergized with the rest of my system as well as they did in their stock form.
I had to sell and took a pretty good bath $ wise.
I've done my research before I sent off the pieces for mods, but all I could find is how great this stuff is.

Thank you, Ken, for posting your honest opinion.