EXEMPLAR 3910 behind the digital eight ball?

I have been listening to this baby fo 5 years and it has been a sonic joy. Have not been on the [seriously] 'gon for that many years, until now so I have no clue how digital has developed. My laser is on the way. I spoke to John Tucker, Mr Exemplar himself, and he wants me to ship it back and he'll replace the laser and look it over. Any Exemplar owners out there, who have changed to a different cd player for less $$? thanks in advance
John is making me his new SOTA dac to demo against my Lamp L5. We shall see how that pans out.
It's a good question. I have an Exemplar 3910 too. I did try a stock Oppo 95. It was very much inferior to the Exemplar 3910. What I have heard is that the tube-modified 95 and 105 are superior, but I have not heard one.
mmm....superior is nice. I'll talk to John and get the scoop....he'll know better than anyone don't you think? Happy Holidays