Exemplar 2900 or AA Capitole ii

I am looking on upgrading my source. I have thought about these two players. Has anyone heard them both and care to share their views? I am looking to get off the merry go round for awhile. Will be paired with Rowland's new integrated and Piega p10 speakers. Thanks.
Sorry, can't help you here, but I'm in the exact same situation, so I'd like to hear about comparisons of these two players as well!
interesting question that's for sure.
I've owned both and still own the Exemplar with latest mods.
Glide 3,
Thanks for the response. I'm assuming you prefer the Exemplar. What does the Exemplar do that the capitole lacks? What cables are you using? Thanks.
Streetdaddy - I got your e-mail, but my response got bounced back a couple of times. I love the Exemplar 2900 with my Rowland amp. Note I'm using the the 302, not the integrated. Nevertheless I see no reason the Exemplar wouldn't work well with the latter. Good luck.
Thanks, JFZ.
Sorry 'bout the email. I think my spam filter is set too high. I think i will pull the trigger today and order the denon. Thanks for the advice.
You don't happen to live close to Nashville, do you? I talked with John Tucker and he said someone lives near here with the Exemplar and also uses the new Rowland amps. Just thought i might be lucky and get a chance to listen to it before i buy it. How many exemplar/new Rowland users could there be?
Hi Streetdaddy - I'm sorry, that's not me.
Do you use it for video,too? I will be using it for both 2 ch and dvd use. How is the video quality? What cables are you using?
I also added a SDI output to my exemplar 2900 which provides a digital video feed to my scaler. Video quality is first rate.
This is now the finest universal player available IMHO.
What is a sdi scaler? Did John add that? What are your associated equipt? What have you compared the Exemplar with? How long was the wait? Thanks.
John doesnt add the SDI board, I had to do the work myself.
I feed the SDI digital video feed to a faroudja scaler and then into a sony g70 projector.
I previously used a panasonic rp82 via SDI which is ranked the number 1 player on secrets test.

www.pmsvideo.com sell the sdi boards ($100ish) and the player reviews are by Stacey Spears on Secrets home theater and hifi site. Ill post the link later on for you.

Using SDI levels the playing field between dvd players regardless of cost.
I read where you just received your unit and liked the workmanship, but how are the sonics? I am also looking into a projection set up and am interested in your setup.
Unfortunately my unit seems to have been effected by the flight from us to uk as the exemplar outputs dont work. Johns been helpful but its looking like its going to need to go back for some of his TLC.