Exchange Rate Positively Affecting Caliburn Price?

The Australian dollar has tanked against the US dollar over the past few months.

Has anyone inquired whether this has resulted in a lowered US price for Caliburn gear?
The short term change in the Australian dollar will not have any impact on pricing here in the States. Longerterm exchange rates may well tell a different story. The A dollar's drop is quite recent and the currency exchange markets are very unstable due to abnormal conditions and factors. The US dollar is at its strongest point in over a year against the Euro at approximately 1.38 this afternoon. There are talks about a multiple currency agreement (Euro, British Pounds, AUDollar, etc. ) jointly making a corrective action move on this. You will need to see longer term reductions for it to impact sales pricing. Of course placing an order to Australia directly and paying based on the current exchange rate would result in savings - assumed shipping does not eat it up or you can convince them to allow you take receipt out of existing US inventory but pay in AU Dollars.
OK, as of early this morning, the Australian dollar is at 65 cents, down from almost parity with the US dollar earlier this year.

At this rate, it'll make sense to fly to Australia to pick one up and buy a couple of seats on the plane to put it on.
Just not much joy for us Aussies buying stuff from anywhere else in the world :(

Still, good luck getting a Caliburn, I have met someone who owns one and it is meant to be amazing.

Yea, you are not wrong dudes. .98 two months ago, now below .64 cents to the US dollar. Crazy considering Australian banks are not in any financial troubles.

I was going to buy a 2nd arm wand for my Phantom.

No buying of US hifi for quite some time
Downunder,NOT to worry!!!

If I don't get my pre/phonostage back soon(it's been promised to me,over the last month,like three times)I might just send you my "new" Phantom Series II arm-tube,for free!
Unless your "dealer friend" thinks it might not compliment your current arm -:) (that was in jest)

If it works out,a case of Rock Bare probably will cost you little,as a way of repaying me.

At the rate I've been going,I think it could be a fair trade -:)


I can't believe you still don't have your system up and running yet!! I would be an alcoholic by now.

Send the mark II armwand to me this week and I'll tell you which one sounds better.

BTW, How can you tell if your arm wand is ceramic or titanium?? Bob mentioned to me he thought my Phantom was a mark II as was producing mark II's for a while before he started putting the II onto the arm??.

BTW - what caew do you want of Rockbare?? see link -
Downunder,with regards to your "amazement" regarding my still being "down"....Some day I'll spill the whole story to you,off-line.It's amazing I have any enthusiasm,still.

Just kidding about the vino,but do love the stuff.Yes,the 16 dollar stuff(in U.S.)is about as good a Shiraz as I've tasted,but with the economy as it is(I'm really scared for my business interests,but will probably be OK)I've ben exploring the "El-Cheapo" vintages.Quite enjoyable,to be honest.....Dulls the emotion of being peeved at some supposedly well respected industry folks,who were instrumental in my "not" having sound...STILL!!

The Phantom(as far as I am concerned)"says" series II on the tube itself.Bob IS a class act,and a damn nice guy(his choice in some dealers sort of stinks,though).

I did get a new IC-70 which appears to be a bit different than the original.Bob gave it to me,along with the new arm as an even trade for my old cable,due to "stuff".I do like the guy,and trust his judgements.He's been absolutely "on the money" regarding all "performance observations" over time,so I'm not too worried,but...

If you actually think I could care less about the itty bitty tid-bits that even I am guilty of bloviating about,after such a rediculously long/dreadful/and annoying series of events,you don't "truly" know the real me.

This Audiogon stuff,is simply fun,but I think in reality I'm not as "wacky" or obsessed as I appear here(I hope).At least I hope so,because I just want to get back to my old way of enjoying the "listening" again.Simple as that!!

The week-end family brunch and Lp collecting in Princeton,and the lazy afternoons of hearing my most recent acquisitions."Then", a nice Rock Bare!I don't think that's asking too much,and I really miss that!

I'm hoping in about two weeks,or I may be going back to collecting acoustic guitars again(my Martin collection financed my system,in the early days)....Not such a bad fall back plan. -:)

What I SO like about this hobby,is developing a wide ranging music collection.Carefully culled over many years,and in a varied way of going about getting "hard to find" gems.

I've even got some of Andre Previn's old private LP's.He sold a collection to my LP emporium,so I scored some choice discs.EMI's!The first pressings of him conducting some superb works.I'd walked in,just as the discs went out,so the timing was quite good....

Alot of other gems I've managed to stash away through associations with some wonderful "collectors" of LP's.I call these fellows "The Viceroys of Vinyl".The stuff we read about regarding the hardware side,here on Audiogon,is mirrored by these guys,on the software side.A nice balance for me.....SO.....

THIS is why I am "so" adamant about staying focused on getting past my annoying issues.I've not been able to rely on some "highly regarded" industry folks,and I can now understand why the "High End" is not a particularly good investment,from a hobby perspective.

One lousy problem can lead to months of waiting.Two problems and fagedaboutit!You want "real" support,after spending big money? Ha!

One Audiogoner E-mailed me,stating I should have two systems....Are you kidding me,I thought?The sentiment was appreciated,but I'd prefer to put the lions share of my money into my main set-up.That way you have a better system over-all.

Anyway(I know I'm getting long)the main point about the LP "thing".....

I just LOVE having a "big/varied" music collection,with SO much different stuff.I LOVE pulling "out of the ordinary LP's" from my walls and walls of music and falling "into" them,which at times "amaze"!All of the instrumental complexities,and especially when something new,winds up "blowing me away".I "had" the system sounding amazing,before I started to go through my update phase.Got side tracked,but I hope I'm back soon,because I've still been collecting some "wild" stuff.I've alrrady got the "normal" fare.Need to keep feeding the ear,with "new/different"!

Hope you understand,'cause it's the music that does it! -:)

Sorry for the length,and best wishes.

Sppedy, sounds like you need a drink and some music to play!! I sincerly hope you get it all together soon.

I totally agree. The main reason I spend so much on my audio hobby is to play and enjoy my 4500 or so record's.

So many of the different musical styles that I now like can be atributed directly to the Linn LP12 I bought 23 years ago that made me appreciate all types of music.

The rest of the components is just icing.

Hmm,the Linn?I think,if you bought it used,it could have been mine!
Nah bought it new like all of my 4 turntables in just on 30 years.
Interestingly I still have the last 3 still playing music in my rig
"Playing music in my rig"....

You just had to rub in in -:)
It turns out that the Continuum products are priced in $US all around the world. So, the increase in the value of the dollar has not changed the price here, and has only increased its price in other currencies around the world (except, perhaps, Japan.

Oh, well.
Sirspeedy, From an earlier post, I got the impression that you live in the Washington, DC, greater area. If you do, and if you want to come over and have a listen to your own LPs on my system sometime, while you await the repair of your system, you are welcome. Just contact me by e-mail.