Excellent Transformers ??

I am looking for a excellent transformer, but with these units I have absolutely no experience.
I am looking for a Atma-Sphere MP-1 MK II, this one has a build in phono section, which should be very good, from what I heard.
But I am using a Miyabi Cartridge, which has a output from .24mV/4 ohm.
I think that's absoulutely at the limit to work there.
Maybe good, maybe not.
I will see when I have the MP1.
But when there is someting to improve, I would like to know, in which direction I should look.
It is not urgent, because I have a Klyne 7 phono preamp but I never had a transformer and I am interested, what's going on with these.
The M.A. Cotter is a highly regarded one that is no longer made, but available on the used market. It gives about an extra 30db of gain, I think. There is one from Shelter that is available from EIFL that should work well.
I understand the new Air Tight ATH-2 Moving Coil Step-up Transformer is excellent, unfortunately I have not heard one.

I have provided a link to Axiss web site containing a short description and photo.

Audio Note UK is a great choice. They make several at different price points.
Audio Note Japan (kondo) makes one of the best step-ups there is.my friend uses the An-6 cz with his miyabi & i use mine (same) with a crown jewel SE, The improvement for me was incredible.
Hello Thomas,

Just a quick question: If your Klyne is working fine, why add another link in the chain?

I have a Miyabi/47 labs that is very similair to yours. Untill I bought the matching phono stage from 47 Labs it was very bass shy with the Hovland phono stage. So I think loading of these carts is very critical. I would recommend a Dynavector Step-up or the big Audionotes(kondo).