Excellent reference power cord made in Russia

I took a chance on a hi end power cord made in Russia named M.S.M Reference 1 sold on eBay. The cable is very thick and stiff but stays in shape when bent. I wasn't sure how it would fare against big name heavyweights in my system/collection (Elrod/Sablon/Verastarr/Vitus Audio/Jena Labs. I was astounded by the most coherent sound I've heard in my system to date. The M.S.M has everything: a bottom end that is jaw dropping, pristine highs with no glare whatsoever, vocals which are tonally correct, a glorious mid band and excellent transparency. These guys really know how to make a truly reference cable! The eBay listing states a current price promotion which makes this an incredible bargain. Highly recommended for any hi end system.
I placed an order for the new Gulag Reference power cord.
Lead time is 3-5 years.
From my experience, the M.S.M Reference 1 is easily one of the best power cords for any hi end system and can be got for less than the asking price of $880. With this power cord (in my First Sound Presence Deluxe pre amp) I find myself listening to music rather than listening to the hi fi system.
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