Excellent reference power cord made in Russia

I took a chance on a hi end power cord made in Russia named M.S.M Reference 1 sold on eBay. The cable is very thick and stiff but stays in shape when bent. I wasn't sure how it would fare against big name heavyweights in my system/collection (Elrod/Sablon/Verastarr/Vitus Audio/Jena Labs. I was astounded by the most coherent sound I've heard in my system to date. The M.S.M has everything: a bottom end that is jaw dropping, pristine highs with no glare whatsoever, vocals which are tonally correct, a glorious mid band and excellent transparency. These guys really know how to make a truly reference cable! The eBay listing states a current price promotion which makes this an incredible bargain. Highly recommended for any hi end system.
So how much?
They are listed @ $880.00 with a $1.00 starting bid + $50.00 shipping.
You can get them much cheaper if you make an offer.
You can get just about anything less expensive ...... just ask!
Wow, $880 for a power cord? I find it very hard to imagine just how you could construct a power cable such that it justifies a price like that. Maybe they use Unicorn tears to clean the solder off their irons?

I placed an order for the new Gulag Reference power cord.
Lead time is 3-5 years.
From my experience, the M.S.M Reference 1 is easily one of the best power cords for any hi end system and can be got for less than the asking price of $880. With this power cord (in my First Sound Presence Deluxe pre amp) I find myself listening to music rather than listening to the hi fi system.
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I just reviewed the item on Ebay.

It seems rather risky to buy something that expensive.
Plus add the $50 shipping and it will take over a month to receive it.
Because there is no explanation as to what the cord is actually made of.
Wire Gauge? What type of wire or construction methods etc.?

And then there's Putin...
Not a fan of the Putie.
FYI - It sold @ auction for $203 + $50 Shipping.
Another available for the $880 BIN + shipping.
Agree with Ozzy,...I looked at the ad and limited pics on eBay; very, very risky and no protection for the buyer based upon no product facts, or statements of any kind or in-depth description that could be used to log complaints should item delivered not perform in keeping with the ad. Also,,...looks like cheap grade label appliques and electrical tape versus heat shrink and real quality parts in use. I wouldn't venture down this road at all....the fact that it could take up to a month to get a product costing this much and then have no recourse when it could turn out to be junk inside is a bad equation for the buyer.
Why would I buy that when I can get a Kharma Grand Reference power cord direct from China for $120?

Now there's a point Chayro.

How about a PC from a long dead relative in Nigeria?
But we'll need a large deposit first.

MSM Reference 1 sounds like a giant killer in your system. The fact that you use First Sound Presence Deluxe pre amp, I can assume you are nut about tonal purity. Could you share with me what are the rest electronics and speakers in your system?

There are many insanely priced cords, and it is hard to find a truly neutral cord. Forget about crappy stock cords, they are thrown in as bundled accessory, nothing more.
I searched eBay for MSM Reference 1, and all that showed was a cheap Franch coin, and organic sulfer.
Ozzy, did Putin make this powercord or Barry told not to deal with Russians to ya'll?

I found that propaganda is more truthful word than 'reviews' or 'rating' and that's what most of us know, want to know instead of real facts.

Home audio manufacturers assume you don't know jota about electrical parameters and choose not to waste the time measuring and documenting it on vast majority. Some of these specified parameters are simply cut and paste from other wires and it really doesn't matter who made it Putin or Obama or MikhailSergeevitchMedvedev. It really matters if it has marketing words such as REFERENCE, SPECIAL EDITION, SIGNATURE SERIES.