Excellent MM phono stage w/ capacitance loading?

After 25 years of using MCs only, I'm returning to my roots and starting to dabble in MM cartridges again. Some of the more exotic NOS MMs can be a bit finicky about capacitance loading. My K&K Maxxed Out, which I otherwise think is terrific, offers no options for capacitance.

Can anyone recommend a high-quality phono stage, either MM-only or MM/MC, that has a variety of capacitance loading options? I'd like it to compete sonically with the K&K but not cost more than around $3K new or used. Any ideas welcome!
Why not contact Kevin and get him to install a switch and capacitors of your choice in your K+K.Its not a big deal to do this and it will save you a lot of money.
That possibility is certainly worth investigating. Should have thought of it myself. Thanks!
I talked to Kevin and he's going to add a MM capacitance dial and some MM loading options to my Maxxed Out, along with some other upgrades. Thanks again for the suggestion.