Excellent Customer Service

I didn't really know where to post this but "best of" seemed appropriate. You always read about horrible service but rarely do you read about exceptional service. My experience with Anthony Perrotta of Perrotta Consulting cemented my belief that there are still some great dealers out there.

I purchased a pair of Revel bookshelf speakers that had suffered damaged grills, Anthony stepped up and sent replacements out right away. He could have done what many would have, blame it on UPS or have me contact Harmon directly but he didn't. My point is that he stands behind what he sells, and more importantly cares about his customers.

He's located in CT but sells here on Audiogon too so if you see one of his ads buy with confidence, he's a great guy to deal with.
Nice to hear good stories. Those who deliver good customer service deserve to get good press accordingly. Often its the squeaky wheels that get the grease while the good ones go unnoticed.
I've purchased several things from Anthony and agree with your assessment.
Yep, Purchased and sold to Anthony. Great person to transact with.
Thank you for sharing, it benefits us all.
Have to remember the name 'Perrotta', thanx. Another I was impressed with is Mark with Silnote. I'm rough on interconnects but Mark didn't hesitate at all sending me a new pair. Goes to show there are still decent folks out there. oorah!
Great job! Oddiofy1.

we must always hear about the good and bad guys out there.
I am always impressed w/ Perrotta's selections for sale here on Audiogon, but did not know his background/track record, if you will.
He's definitely one of the good guys in audio.....
Much Thanks!