Excellent Component Direct or

Thanks for reading and the insight.

Here is my dilema. I have a McIntosh MVP-841 and Faroudja DV-1000 DVD players. I want to use just ONE and am trying to determine the best route for HT, as 2 channel it is clear.

I use a DVDO (original version) which I take the "S" video out of the McIntosh and run it into the DVDO, then the PROGRESSIVE scan from this to the RPTV. Question is:

Am I better off staying with this route or is the Faroudja component so superior to other, I would better the quality by taking it directly to the TV in a non progrssive scan mode?


Why don't you just view both options yourself and decide?
I will obviously do so, just was hoping someone had first hand experience with the DVDO's and one or both of these DVD players.

I cant really answer your question but I have the faroudga that I run to a Marantz rear projection tv through a S video cable. The picture is astonishing. The faroudga is also so good with audio that I decided to stay with two channel home theater. I have been watching all the progressive scan dvd players come out but I am so happy with the faroudja that I am reluctant to give it up.