Excellent Cary & Oppo support

With all the posts bashing service, I should mention that Dan Wemmer at Cary and the Oppo service team have been very helpful in getting up a 7.1 analog connection between my Cinema 11a and BDP-93. I wanted to test analog before buying a BDP-95. The clicks and pops I had attributed to the 11a are gone with analog, leading me to suspect that they were HDMI artifacts. I plan to use the 7.1 analog and XLR stereo as the inputs for music from disc.

DB great to hear!

I've always been a vocal supporter of Anthem support as well.

You're right to highlight when companies go above and beyond the call of duty as their standard business practice.
I had to send my Cary 303-200 CDP back to Cary for service once, & the repair price was reasonable, & pretty quick.

They've also been good at answering the phone, & then product questions.