Excellent affordable preamps keep springing UP

As I search the forum, I keep hearing about excellent affordable preamps. Let's hear from goners about their favorites!!
Some that popped up in my readings: audio horizons and dodd, placette !!
Are these really great and are there any others?
I love my Tube Technology Seer, may be hard to find because they are no longer in business but can be found second hand.
One that shows up; but not often would be Klyne Audio preamps series 6 or 7.
If a transformer volume control (TVC) passive preamp meets with your system needs, the Promitheus Audio units are an outstanding value. Most of the Promitheus TVCs sell new for between $300 and $700, and the sound quality is truly excellent. TVC passives are easier to successfully work into a system in comparison with resistor-based passives like the Placette because TVCs are not as finicky from the standpoint of impedance matching and the ability to drive long interconnects.
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No longer made, but they are still supported & available.