Excellent affordable cables and interconnects.

I'm in the market for a new set of speaker cables and interconnects. I have run into one maker who seems to have garnered a loyal following - Grover Huffman. His prices seem right and performance have been compared to those costing thousands. Any other makers out there that offer similar price/performance ratio? Thanks.
I also have read and heard a lot about Grover's cables. I am currently using Black Mountain Cables, (available here on Audiogon at auction). They are a tremendous value and sound wonderful. I'm going to try Grover's cables next very shortly...
I wasn't crazy about the ic's but the Clear Day Double Shotgun speaker cable will compete with anything on the market. I sound like a broken record but I still think it's by far the best deal in high end today. You can't go wrong with the return policy. No, I'm not affiliated with Clear Day. Good luck.
In terms of both IC and speaker cables, I have tried or currently own: LAT International, Anti-cables, Signal, Audio Art, Straley Reality, Morrow Audio, Blue Jeans, and Cobalt. My choice for speakers - Gregg Straley Reality; and after conducting my own "mini" shootout for interconnects - LAT International was tops, with Blue Jeans very close behind. I'm putting together a small tube based bedroom system with all Blue Jeans ... speaker and IC's (they don't make PC's, so Volex). Because of "price bias", initially I was surprised at how well the BJC performed. Of course YMMV.
In my system(s), Straley Reality Cable and Morrow Audio speaker cables have been excellent, having replaced cables costing 4X more.
I have Morrow Audio 2 Series cables, interconnects & cords in both of my systems, they are very affordable and I can highly recommend them. In fact the Morrow cables replaced Kimber Select cables & cords that were many times more expensive in my main rig-the Morrow cables outperformed the Kimber Selects by a wide margin. Morrow offers a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk involved with trying them.
I agree that Gregg Straley's Reality Speaker cable is wonderful.
With regard to interconnects, there is another fabulous choice from Joe Mazzaglia's Auricle Audio Design:
the uniquely designed hand crafted Encore Kapton IC's. His auctions can yield an even better bargain than the modest original list price.
His Signature Digital IC is incredible and also a bargain.
With every system and its owner being unique, there is no way to guarantee your personal "best" is identical to mine. But these are choices where you keep hearing so much pleasing detail with accompanying harmonic richness when a recording is great. I also like the flexibility of Joe's IC's.
When prices are reasonable there really is no special risk involved in choosing from highly recommended items.
Thanks everyone for your timely inputs. I will look into each one. More options will be welcome.
Strateahed, did you compare the LAT interconnect with the Straley Reality interconnect? Which specific models were involved? thanks
Dracule1, yes I compared the LAT IC-200's (which are still in service) to the Straley Oxygen Free Copper IC (which I have sold). These are comparably priced ... the LAT slightly more(~$300). In my system, the LAT's are more musical. Each offer trial periods.
Ultimate Cables from Montreal are an excellent value, even at $ parity. Teflon insulated copper/silver mix.

Mogami finally makes terminated IC's. A 'pro' favorite.