Examples of Out of Phase Recordings?

I'm interested in suggestions for recordings/cuts that sound out of phase.
There are some recordings that use phase to create sonic effects. Two that come to mind are Hendrix - Axis Bold as Love and Roger Waters - Amused to Death. Can't recall hearing any recordings that sounded unintentionally out of phase.
Touch by Morton Subotnik.
"Open My Eyes" by The Nazz (Todd Rundgren) is a well known example.
There's a difference between what is referred to as phase-shifting, and sounds that are out of phase with each other. Phase-shifting or flanging (the swooshing sort of sound on the Hendrix recording mentioned above) is caused when a signal source is played while the same signal is played simultaneously, but the 2nd signal has a very slight but changing time-lag from the original source. If you can imagine putting two reel to reel tapes on and starting them at the same time while putting your thumb on one of the reels on one machine to slow it down a bit, you have induced phase-shift in one signal respective to the other which cancels some frequencies while re-inforcing others.
A static out of phase sound that does not vary over time in the way the prior example does can be heard on many recordings. Often times recording engineers will place microphones at differing distances from a source to create intentional phase shift. If you listen to an early Aerosmith record, the guitars were often recorded this way. The recording engineer can then use the volume faders to create a unique guitar tone by simply changing the level of one microphone or the other to vary the phase.
The entire album Interview by Gentle Giant was recorded out of phase by accident.