Exactpower EP2000 vs. PS Audio Power plant P600

Has anyone reviewed these two head to head? If not, I am very interested to hear any reviews on the Exactpower EP2000. I would appreciate any feedback.
See the following for a review of the ExactPower unit:

I have both the PS Audio 600 and the EP2000. The EP-2000 is rated for 2000 W, the P-600 will max out at 720w. The EP-2000will only put out 120V, the P-600 has an ajustable voltage, multi-wave, and balanced power. The EP-2000 is not balanced. The P-600 eats alot more power (for a given output) than the EP-2000.

I have experimented a great deal with these two and wound up using the P-600 for my audio only system, and the EP-2000 for my projection TV and all video sources. I cannot tell a difference between the two on VIDEO sources. I CAN tell a difference on audio. The P-600 is being used exclusively on an ARC VT-200 amplifier. The main difference is in high frequencies where the P-600 gets rid of the last little bit of hash in the treble.

Good luck!!!
Take a look at the Equi=Tech Q2
Thanks for the responses. Is there anyone else that has compared these or that has used teh exact power?
i read a review that said the exactpower with equitech plugged in beat powerplants-but of course no multiwave or adjustable voltage-otherwise as good or better than powerplants--i will be buying an exactpower in the future when i get the funds because i cant deal with the powerplants innefficiency,heat production,fan and limited power.
I have not played with the ExactPower, but I have auditioned a Power Plant P600 and the Equi=tech. I wound up returning the Power Plant and keeping the Equi=tech. I have a ET5R with Q & MSW Options. I understand that most would consider 230V 30A overkill for the entertainment system power until you hear the difference for your self. In addition, the cost was about $5K to implement rather than $2.4K. The final result using equi=tech offers approximately 4 times the available clean power vs. the power plant, making a comparable PS Audio solution twice as expensive.