Exactpower ep15a or PS Audio Power Plant Premier

Hello all - I'm considering an ep15a or a PPP for my system. I've been a doubter of all power conditioning in the past but with a recent rearrangement in my listening room I find myself with an outlet problem - I also have to admit that just about everything in audio I've ever doubted (IC's, vibration control, power cables) I have ultimately come around to and become a convert. That combined with the fact that right now the idea of running one PC to my rack into the power conditioner and then everything else into that is just the most elegant cable management solution I can think of (other than a power strip and I just can quite stand the idea of that - maybe that's ridiculous).

The reviews of both the ep15a and PPP are very positive and I can get either for a reasonable price right now used - the PPP will be a couple hundred more than the ep15a. Wondering if anyone has used both and had a preference or has a strong feeling about either unit. I don't think I have a power problem in my house (in Westchester NY) but then again, you never know what something like this can do for you until you know right? My only real experience with any kind of power conditioning was using a Project speed box on MMF-7 tt a few years ago, and the improvement there in speed stability was impressive. Even the blue light on the MMF-7 shone brighter - it was not a subtle upgrade.

I'm all tube in my system btw - Classic 1 (DV20x2), Budgie SUT, Manley Chinook, ARC LS26, Quicksilver Mini Mites, Triton Two. All Cardas Golden Ref cabling with Cardas Clear Light sp cables. Thanks for any input.
I picked up a PPP(cheap)from here, a couple of years ago. Glad I did.

Contrary to much of the wisdom in the forums, I have my all tube system(including amp) plugged in. The PPP doesn't necessarily "add" anything, but I hear subtle enhancement in clarity, which is the best I can describe as difference? I suppose it may depend on your wall power, how much the PPP may improve your system? 

My plasma looks spectacular also, when I plug it in for movie night. My rig doubles as the HT system. I have the plasma on a roll away, and when not in use it goes in the closet.

If I were to start all over, I would include an AC regen unit. Thumbs up.

Thanks for responding Tablejockey. I think I'll probably do it. Just can't decide between the PPP and EP15a. 

I owned the Exactpower EP 15A and while it was a fantastic unit (much better than most of the crap out there), it doesn't compare to the Equi=Core products.  

Do do yourself a favor and look into them. My whole system (audio and video), benefits from it.

I'm talking to you too tablejockey.

devilboy-if I were doing a system overhaul, I would look deeper into the regen thing. With my level of gear, the PPP appears to do what it's designed to do, especially for the cost(used) The latest models according to most users are also supposedly a major upgrade.

The warning may be a little overblown, but the OP can always resell and get his money back. 
Im not  familiar with the EP15A or Exactpower. No doubt my system benefits from any of these boxes. 

These things all fall under the YMMV warning.