Exactly where is the pivot point of Dynavector 507

Guys, need some help.
Using feikert protractor.
Arm is Dynavector 507 MK2 , TT is Raven One.
Understand the distance is 226mm.
I'm having a hard time finding the exact pivot point of the DYnavector 507 so i can point the needle of the Feikert protractor. Can anyone help ? does this have to be super super exact ?
If someone can post pictures, so much the better.

Thanks for help in advance.
Check your owners manual. If the 507 is like the 505, the pivot point is directly in the center of the circular glossy chrome piece that sits atop the horizontally pivoting part of the tonearm. In fact, if you unscrew that part (it's threaded), you will be looking at the top end of the bearing. I've had no problems siting the 505 using that piece as a marker for the pivot. Moreover, if you view the arm from the side, you can clearly see that the pivot is under that chrome piece.
anyone else shares this knowledge ? would appreciate it highly. thank you

Unfortunately, The pivot on the 507 MK2 is not marked. I also tried to use the Feikert protractor, but I was always off by a cm or so.

Via trial and error, you can guess by adjusting the tonearm base and moving the tonearm horizontally until the protractor "needle" stays on the same spot on the arm as the arm rotates.

I ended up using the Mint Protractor, which I find the most accurate protractor out there.



agree! mint proctractor is really accurate.

i guess i will just have to play around with it till i get to make the sound right.
I've posted this before but here it is again:

1. Make a tiny dot with a fine point pen on a small piece of Scotch tape. The tinier the dot, the better.

2. Stick the tape on top of the bearing housing, with the dot directly above where you *think* the pivot point is.

3. View the dot from *directly* above and swing the arm back and forth through its full arc. If the dot moves it's not above the pivot point. Move the tape and try again.

4. Iterate as often as necessary until the dot remains stationary. Voila! There's your pivot point.

Should take about 30 seconds,

P.S. If you have a Feickert, verify that the dot stays exactly beneath the pin as the arm swings.

P.P.S. Agree about the Mint.
Hello doug,

that is of huge help!!
my 2nd concern.
Once I find that exact pivot point, the spindle to pivot point is 226mm for the 507 mk2.
I set the stainless ruler for that, move the armboard so it be that distance. done!
Unfortunately, when i set the overhang, the stylus is a few mm short to reach the 226mm dot at the feikert white plastic disc.
I tried to move the headshell as far as possible and its still short.
Now what do i do ?
I've never used a Feickert for cartridge overhang/zenith adjustment, since other tools are better, so I can't answer your question.

If you have a Mint protractor, use that and forget the Feickert disc.