Exact Power SP15A provide surge/spike protection?

I've heard good things about the Exact Power SP15A and am thinking of buying one since the sudden death of my old power conditioner. But I've also heard that the standard SP unit is essentially a basic balanced power unit without surge/spike protection or filtration? Anyone know about this? I live in an old house quite close to the ocean (with all the corresponding corrosion issues you might expect), and am no stranger to power fluctuations and outages.

Would I be better off looking for an EP15A or maybe one of their Ultrapure models (both of which do, I think, provide surge protection)?
I'm very pleased with the SP 15A's ability to keep the power at a consistent 120V, filter the power plus the protection it has provided with surges/spikes/outages and restarts!!!!! I lived, just moved, in a '50 house at the end of a power line, many big houses between me and the transformer, the power would drop more than 5V often resulting in constantly having to adjust the variacs supplying the power to the amps!!!! I have no experience with the SP.