Exact Power....sp-15 or ultrapure?

Hi Guys,
I currently have an Exact Power ep-15a and love it. A friend is selling his Exact Power conditioner but it does not list the model number (and he doesn't have the owner's manual). It has a silver face. lists the word 'Exact Power' in the lower left corner of the face plate and has an 'on/off' button in the middle with an led above it. Nothing on the back lists it's model number. It has 8 outlets that are configured exactly as my EP-25a.....4 digital, 4 analog.

Is there anyway to determine which model this is?

sounds like an EP15a....I use one too, it works for me. I like the way it holds the voltage steady, which is helpful for tube gear.
Larryken....thanks for your reply. I really do like my EP-15a as well.

From my research all the EP-15a's had the window which show the voltage, mine does not, it is just a plain silver face, so I'm not sure if it's the SP-15a or Ultrapure (both of those have the plain metal face, single on/off button and LED indicating power).

If it's an SP, the first duplex AC outlet (next to the power cord) is a ground-fault interrupt (like the one in your bathroom, with a reset button?) This type outlet is only used on the SP, because in a "Balanced Power" device, there's no "real" ground ;--)

There should also be a little silver tag on the back between the power cord and that first duplex outlet, which has the model (SP) and the ser. no.
Nsgarch.....you hit the nail on the head! The first duplex is exactly as you described, so it must be the SP-15a. Mine doesn't have the tag or model #, not sure if it came off or was an early model.

Thanks again for your help, as this will assist in how I integrate it into my system.

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