Exact Audio Copy Questions


Have the progam, and am ripping about 1000 CDs using Monkey
Lossless - WAV.

1/ Do I have have to manually create a new folder and type in the name?

2/ Any tips for acheiving the highest quality rip?

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I thought Monkey Audio was APE, not WAV? Why use that anyway, since WAV is just the computer file version of the raw PCM data, and what EAC natively rips too? You do not have to type in directory names. If you look under "EAC Options" and click on the filename tab, you can specify a format for how EAC saves the ripped file. For example, I use:


This tells EAC to create and artist (%A) directory, unless one exists, a subdirectory for the album title (%C) and song names of the format Track Number (%N)-Track Name (%T).

For the best rips, use "secure mode."
Here's a tip: When you come across a cd that isn't in the database (no track titles) make sure you type them in before you burn the cd. If you try to do it after by going to the file on your hard drive you'll find that the tracks aren't listed when you play the cd in media monkey. They'll only show as track 1, track 2, etc. This can be rectified sometimes after the fact, but usually not and you have to reburn the cd. I learned this after I had about 50 or more cds burned this way. What a drag.

Another tip: When you open EAC and the titles of the cd you're going to burn are listed, sometimes you'll notice that some of the titles are highlighted in grey. This means only those tracks are going to be burned. You just need to click in the window somewhere to un-highlight the tracks and then they will all be burned. Again, i found this out after maybe 50-100 cds had been burned this way. Another bummer.

Typing all this out made me decide just now to start keeping a list of tips so i can post them in their own thread somewhere. TBA.

Also: You should consider the plug-in "Accurate Rip." Search the web, it's free.

I want compressed lossless - WAV alone is about 600 mb per CD, so when I selected Monkey Audio Lossless it brought it down to about 350 mb - perfect.
What setting should I use - I dont have enough space to rip them all at 600, yet I want the highest audio quality.

Please help
Aaaah. I use AAC for lossless compression. The other downside of WAV is the lack of tags, which either APE or AAC (or FLAC, or ...) will fix. I chose AAC because it was used more commonly and had broader support.