EX power cord skeptik needs help

out of boredom today i plugged my mesa boogie powercord into my arcam7 cd player---the mesa cord was a more heavy duty cord compared to the cheesey one supplied by arcam.... wow what a difference it made,bit more bass and slam ,tiny bit more detail, it made the whole player sound a bit nicer,BUT!!! a bit TOO much treble..... what i want to do now is build a powercord---does anyone have a suggestion on what wire/material would be best to use so i DONT have that added treble.(silver/copper/ect)......or is this what most powercords do, add some treble as they are of a more revealing material????thanx
I do know that the Custom Power Cord Co. "High Value" has great clarity, balance, bass, space, and not at all bright on what I have tried it on. They are only $129 new from www.amusicdirect.com and you might spend that trying building all sorts of different wires if you use good ends. This way you can try it out and if you don't like it they will take it back. You are not out a thing. This cord is kick ass for the cash! DYI is cool but sometimes it is hard to beat a deal like that.
has anyone tried putting a better powercable on their tv?? or non IEC units?