Ex Air Studios monitors

Hi, I am new to this site; I hope that someone can give me some advice.
I have a pair of Tannoy HPD/315/8 driver�s +Cabs. They are Ex Air Studios monitors, and have been stuck in the cupboard for 25+ years.
The cabs are solid, well made, but the drivers need reconing. I what to sell them, (maybe on ebay? any suggestions?) but have no idea what they maybe worth? I would like to upload some pictures to give you a better idea what they look like but not sure how to do that? Any advice would be help full.
What are the cabinets? A known design?

Tannoy is well known enough, sought enough, that what they are worth can be determined by bidding on ebay.

Many folks don't like the fact that what something is worth is only what someone will pay. A guy has been trying to sell Tannoy Churchill clones for eons on ebay. First at 8k I think, now at 6k. Well, they have not sold so they are not worth his expectations.

Start them on ebay at at $1k, let the bidding go, what they sell for is what they are worth.