EVS modded Minimax DAC...original

EVS has come out w/ some basic mods for the Minimax. The one I'm interested in is the $250 one that sends the signal straight out, bypassing the volume control. Has anyone here had that done or heard a unit that has had it done?
I see no responses. I am curious, since I own the original unmodified version, if the newest DAC would give you what you are looking for?
I'm sure it'd sound better but this would be a much cheaper improvement. Besides, I'm thinking this same mod could be done to the Plus w/ equal good results. Thanks for the response.
I haven't tried this. However, i have used discrete op amps on it, with good results.
I have used and am using the other op amp choices but not the discrete ones. As I understand it, EVS bypasses all of this and the signal goes through a single resistor and then out. Quite a lot of stuff is removed from the signal path for about the same amount or cheaper than the discrete op amps. It'll be a while before I can do this though.