EVS modded BDP-83 , or separate DAC ?

I own a BDP-83, and now have saved $650 extra dollars. I can either get $650 worth of mods from Ric at EVS, which I understand is EVERYTHING short of the clock mods ...

Or I can get a VERY nice separate DAC, such as the Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC, or the Audio GD DAC19 DSP.

Anyone have solid opinions based on experience ?

DACs come and they go. Its an evolving technology.

The Oppo-83 has great value since it plays so many platforms. Shop around for other mods, not just Rick then decide which implementation is best.

I have been watching one particular DAC and already noticing a couple showing up here. I almost bought it new just two weeks ago.

As I said, DACs come and go.

Ric modded a dvd player years ago for 400$.Forget the model.He is good and fairly fast [2003-4] it was.Dont know enough of your overall plan to say much more,good luck,Bob
La45 - I have looked at a couple of other Oppo modder's work, but unless i am mistaken, they charge considerably more than Ric does, for what seems to be the same amount of mods.

BTW, here is what I am considering having Ric do to the BDP-83 ;

MBBM (Mind Blowing Baby Mod) $85

Basic level mod: $195

EVS two channel output stage plus modded discrete regulators: $250

Better regulator and power supply parts for the two channel DAC. $100

Total $630

Now, that same $630 will get me one of the VERY, VERY good DACs I've already mentioned. Leaves me wondering if this boils down to personal choice alone, or if ONE of my choices may be leaps and bounds better.
I suspect that a well designed modification will outperform either DAC you are considering.

Do your research into modders, and their customer's satisfaction.
I would speak to those folks that had the mod done and get their feedback. Very difficult on this forum to answer your question. A DAC vs a Mod has so many sides to it, I would have to know more about what you are ultimately trying to do.

As far as the DAC situation goes, get a money back guarantee if possible and try at least 3 different DACs before deciding. Its the best way to live with yourself since its ultimately your decision. In a Mod situation, it will be difficult but you should ask anyway.
Im not positive but isnt the MBBM a part of the basic mod?
put that money into a jensen cap at $75. Verify with Ric.
My experience with the BD83 and mods is this. I purchased the stock BP83 and though it sounded poorly at best at audio, is was/is great on video. Then the BDP83SE came out so I gave my 83 to Oppo who upgraded it to the SE version. Audio performance leaped almost in the league of my Neko D100 stand alone DAC. Being happy but never content with audio I gave my Oppo SE to Rick Schultz and for $250 made this a near reference level player IMHO. More mods can be performed and at the time, this made sense. Rick likes to perform mods in stages. He has a wealth of knowledge and will share what he knows willingly. He's also constantly tweaking his mods in an effort to make them better.

Standalone DAC's generally are in another league and work well depending upon the level of your system.
Good Luck
Go with the Audio-GD DAC any of theyre DAC,s are under priced and over built. I dont know why audiophiles refuse to embrace Audio-GD im guessing when they do the prices will quadrouple so I recommend the brand. I have there stuff and I have been and still am blown away by all of it everything is descrete and very under rated. Look you can upgrade dacs and they can go from transport to transport so in the long run it will a better bet to get an out board dac and modd it later than mod the transport which will wear out sooner due to moving parts and will be an almost dead technology in a couple of years due to the new computer audio and you can use a dac for the next best thing and thats all Im saying not that CD is horrible but that you may want a new toy and the outboard dac will be there for the upgrade as where the cd player will just be sold or put in a closet. But this is only in my opinion.