EVS Millennium II Versus Bel Canto Dac 1.1

Has anybody had an opportunity to personally compare these two DACs? They seem similar in some regards...both upsample to 24/96k, both use Burr-Brown 1704 dacs...except the EVS is more tweaked out. I would be interested to hear of any experiences. I do note that I see quite a few Bel Canto DACs for sale, while you hardly ever see a used EVS available.
I now realize that the direct comparison might be alot to ask, so any opinions??

I have an opinion about the Bel Canto 1.1, it is smooth, very musical, more dynamic than the original with excellent resolution and it is a great product. Haven't heard the EVS. Why are there so many up for sale? Because there were many sold and people are always looking for something better is probably the reason. I sure have no desire to sell mine although no doubt there is better to be had for more money but I haven't heard as good for less. The Bel Canto DAC does music right.
haven't heard the Bell Canto

I've just recently burned in my EVS Millennium II and this dac is truly jaw dropping in performance. Natural, musical, so resolving. I'll post a review when I have time. It was so much more impressive than an Audio Research Dac3 and Sonic Frontiers CD1 (both very well respected dacs). Totally restored my faith in the digital medium, Ric Shultz is an audio saint.
Thanks for the responses. I really don't want to make this a popularity contest, I just wanted to get opinions related to just these two DACs. It sounds like they are both excellent. I've been using a tube DAC and would like to move to a SS upsampling DAC. These both sound very capable.

This is an interesting topic. Reason being, I've never heard people compare these two units directly. I own a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 and have been very happy with it, but have been considering some changes to my system. I'm using the DAC 1.1 in conjunction with a Theta Pearl transport, Simaudio Moon I-5 integrated and ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures.

I'm thinking of changing my gear around to achieve a warmer, and more lush sound. I've made many upgrades to pull the I-5 away from its lean tendencies such as adding Cardas Golden Cross interconnect and Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable. I have a nice combination of warmth and life, but was just curious as to how the EVS Millenium II might, if at all, make a difference.

This is a very good topic indeed. I am interested in hearing the comparison, if any, between P3A and EVS, Bel Canto.
I own P3A (Dan W. sig.) in combination with P1A -> FT Audio LW1 -> C-J Pr 11a -> Sonus Faber Signum, which is, to my ears, very good sounding. So, it's not that I am unhappy with my current system, but we tend to be interested in what's out there, right? If there is anyone who compared between EVS and PT, that would be really interesting. I might think of getting EVS in place of P3A, as the back log these days are only a few days. Also, Ric seems to be not too happy with combination of P1A and Millenium II, but I would like to hear other owners' opinions. Thanks.
I have the P1A/P3A(DWright mod) without the Monolithic PS, and just got my EVS from Ric. Still burning it in but on a preliminary basis it sounds more natural, a bit warmer and more extended in the low end. Haven't tried the P1A with it yet, and won't until the EVS is properly burned in and I have a fix on it alone. Using a CAL Delta and Sony 7700 dvd as transports (like the Sony better than the CAL). More later.