EVS Millenium Owners

I Would be interrested in hearing what some of you are using as a transport with this DAC, the MK II version, and what you have compared your current setup to. Would you go this route again or would you go for a single box player? Interest being in Redbook CD quality. Thanks for your time.

I am using a modified G&D Transforms UTP-1 ( Ultimate TransPort ) feeding a Tara Labs silver / teflon digital cable into my EVS Millennium II DAC. Given the fact that the G&D is phenomenally low on jitter to begin with ( used to be the lowest in the industry but don't know if it still is ), i don't run any type of jitter box, etc... I am completely happy with this combo and have no plans to buy anything else at this point in time. However, i would like to hear the Audio Aero just to see what i am missing. I know that what i have is not anywhere near being "top dog", but it is very nice sounding "red book" none the less. Sean
I am using an old Studer A727 CDP (the heavy duty pro version of the Revox B226) as a transport and it sounds great. I believe it dates back to the late 80s, but I think it sounds better than my Pioneer DV-05(DVD) and my old Denon DCD2650. I also preferred it to a Rega Planet as a one box CDP. It must have somewhat low amounts of jitter, or the Millenium takes care of the problem...whichever, I don't notice a problem and I prefer it to the other players I tried. I have tried several digital cables...Better Cables basic model, Apogee Wyde Eye, Cardas Lightning 15, Acoustic Zen MC2, and an Elco Premium Silver. I've settled on the Elco for now, but the Cardas and Acoustic Zen have their strengths and the Apogee is amazing for $35. The EVS is a really great DAC for the price...you won't be disappointed. Every transport and every cable I tried sounded good. Sure...I did comparisons and I preferred certain transports and cables over others, but I could easily live happily ever after with any of the transports and cables. They were all musical through the Millenium 2, but the DAC is good enough to spend some time finding a good cable and transport. You'll notice the difference and you'll be happy that you did. As far as buying a Millenium 2 today?? Yeah...I think I would. They were a great deal when new, but they're an even better deal used. A one-box player *could* be better, but you'd have to spend a lot of money to get the parts and design quality that went into the DAC2. I'd like to upgrade to a one box player with hi-res capability and have Ric Schultz (from EVS) mod it, but I don't see the point in doing that until more companies come out with decent universal players. Why commit to SACD OR DVD-A now? In another year or two more companies will be offering good players that are capable of playing both. Until then, the Millenium DAC2 is an excellent choice for Redbook CD and/or DVD.
Thanks for the input guys. This is my first bout with an outboard DAC and I can't decide if I'm up to the mix and match game. I have been considering picking up a (used) Theta Pearl, SFT-1 or possibly a Meridian transport to go with this. My problem is, I Can't decide if I want to take this route or just go with a the Cary 303 player. Prices are looking real good here on Agon for a used one right now. I'm not trying to start a battle of the CD players here, that just happens to be one of my choices. Also, I don't know how the Transport/DAC would compare against the Cary. Too many darn choices.
I've not at all familiar with the the Cary 303 player, so I can't help you there. The EVS DACs are very nice and, like I said, you can always pick a transport and forget about it. It will sound good. As far as that goes, I'm sure the Cary will too. There are so many great sounding components, and odds are in your favor that most will mate well with your other equipment. It only turns ugly when you start comparing components...that's when the real headache begins. Assuming the Cary 303 and EVS DAC are in the same league sound-wise, the DAC is handy if you use a DVD player too. I switch cables and use it for DVD whenever I watch a movie...it's a huge improvement over the stock DACs in my DVD player. I suppose sound is the main issue though. How old is the Cary 303?? The EVS DAC 2 has 24/96 upsampling and the design is only one year old. If the Cary is several years old the EVS may very well sound better, but that's just a guess. I know the Cary's are supposed to be nice players. I wish I could be of more help. Too bad the EVS DACs aren't more popular. I doubt there are many people that have compared the Cary directly to the EVS.
One more thing...

I just did a search for the Cary 303 in the classifieds and noticed that one of them features HDCD decoding. I don't know if they all do, or not, but the EVS DACs do not offer that feature. That's something to think about if HDCD is important to you.
I own an EVS Millenium II and until recently was running a CAL Icon as the transport. I bought a Teac vs-10 here on audiogon(it's a Wadia transport) and couldn't be happier.
I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything on the transport end.

I can understand where some would get cold feet or feel their unit is now outdated knowing that Ric is no longer making the Dac. Not me, I will hold on to mine as a cherished jewel. I understand Ric's wanting the purist sound, but feel he really is doing himself a disservice discontinuing this unit. THere is still a high need for stand alone dacs.

I have a toshiba 4700 DVD/DVD-A player I'd love an EVS dac upgrade in. It doesn't play SACD but then again it was only $300.

Has anyone heard the low end AudioAero to compare to the EVS? What about the Capitol? worth $6000

I beleive I remember reading in an earlier post that the teac is the one sean recomended to you and he was sorry he didn't buy it himself. Correct? It sounds like everyone is still very happy with their EVS units. I had emailed Ric about a week ago asking if there was any chance he could tweak the MK II any more than what it already is but I never heard back from him. I guess for now I'll pick up a transport and give it a shot. I appreciate all the help from you Agoner's.
I don't own the EVS but did have a DAC/Transport combo with a Muse Model 5/MSB Link III. The muse was better than either my Arcam CD player or Pioneer DV09. The model 5 retails for about $700 - was a joy to use, listen to and look at. Good luck

Yes Sean tipped me off to a nice transport, thanks again

I am very happy with my EVS

I had sent a note to Ric asking if he would do a DAC modification to Toshiba DVD players as they are inexpensive yet have great picture quality (haven't heard back)

The one thing I would have liked that Ric refused to consider was to get balanced outputs on the Millenium. This would have required twice the output circuitry to do "correctly" and Ric didn't see a market for it
(a lot of work to handle a few customers)

Has anyone compared the Millenium with the Audio Aero?

I'm quite happy with my $1600 setup and will continue to enjoy it for a long long time