EVS Millenium II is ready Yay or nay?

Ric just emailed my notification of a Millenium DACII by month's end. (I'll be away for a month so I'll have to postpone anyway.)
I've been limping along with a modded Rotel 855 driving my Aleph P, 2 monos and Verity Audio Parsifal Encores. I was surprised to find a Pioneer DVD/Bel Canto DAC1 combo to be too "whitish" up top, an ARCAM 9 to lack PRaT, and an Audio Refinement Complete too soft and mid-fi. A Neuance shelf tightened up the Rotel even more, yet a leanness persists, and of course a rough, somewhat grainy treble.
I had thought about trying the Perpetual Tech P3 or the EVS, but had given up that idea as the wait for the Millenium had been so long. Recently dealers have suggested I punt on the separate DAC idea, and start over with Linn Genki, Ikemi, or Naim CD5 (or used CDX?) as affordable redbook players.
Note that the EMC1 and 777ES are too large (deep) for my shelf, so can't be considered. The Linns have been described to me as soft in the bass (which worries me), and the CD5 perhaps as lacking resolution and soundstage depth.
I've read mixed early comments re the Millenium II, and would like help deciding whether to try this DAC (upon my return in September), or perhaps a one-bix player, or await
the (r)evolution of new players in the fall?
Note that although my 855 is old, these early models had transports of exceptionally-low jitter. Nonetheless...an $1100 DAC on a 10 yr old Rotel? Help please! Thanks. Ernie

I'm on the waiting list too.....anyways, you have nothing to loose by trying one yourself since you get a 30-day trial. Wouldn't that be better than asking someone else what they think on how it sounds in their system?

Incidently, the early versions did have some problems with the output stage (didn't sound right)....but it is my undertanding they have resolved this with the latest production models (Ric got rid of the OPAMPS and designed a discrete FET output stage.)

Ernie, drop me an email and we can go from there. Sean