EVS Millenium DAC 2 ?

I have a tiny slot left in my Home Theatre rack.Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the EVS DAC 2,most importantly the height.I looked on the website but couldn't find the specs.Also I just added a Pioneer Elite DV37,would the EVS 2 be a good match?Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks John
You must have glanced over it, the page for the EVS M2 clearly states the chassis dimensions to be 14" by 11" by 3.25".


>>>Millennium DAC II
Update: Most people know that op amps have sonic limitations. We have always favored discrete fet and tube circuits for their palpable sound. I could not
11. Black Anodized Aluminum chassis measuring 14" by 11" by 3.25".

Millennium DAC II price: $1050.00

Second set of output jacks: $25.00.
(rear mounted only) volume control: $100.

Pioneer DVD players are considered to actually be pretty decent transports and will pass the full 24/96 signal unlike some players. I'm using a DVC302D carousel DVD player with an Apogee Wyde Eye digital cable into my Millennium DAC 1 and am very pleased with the results, so I doubt you'll be unhappy using the DV37. Best of luck.

I have used mine with my Pioneer DV-05 and it was definitely an improvement over the internal converter. They're great DACs.