evs ground conrol tweak

I am interested in trying this tweak out. I would like to here from other members who have tried these as to what improvements they experienced. I have heard both good and bad about them, including someone saying that after a while with them in there system that they seemed to have a negitive effect on the sound of there system, any opinions are welcome, thanks, Kent
You'll never know till you try it in your system.
Search for the DIY versions and experiment for yourself. Very little cost involved.
They did not work for me. No question they changed the sound and, to be honest, at first I thought they were very impressive.

Their effect in my system was to accentuate details, definitely more air around instruments and voices, which all sounds good. In the end, though, it was too much. The overall presentation was kind of "hyperdetailed" with sounds being pulled apart and isolated in what was, to me, an unnatural way. More hi-fi but less realistic sounding, if you will. And definitely less "relaxing" to listen to on music that should be relaxing to listen to. I found that, overall, I just did not want to listen to my system as much with them in as with them out.

For those that value detail, soundstaging, imaging and qualities like that above all I can see how someone might like them. But to me, both voices and instruments ultimately sounded less natural and realistic with them in place.
I own a pair. My thoughts basically mirror what Hdm had to say. At first I was quite impressed with the difference they made, but after awhile the sound of my system seemed disjointed, or more correctly disconnected, less of a whole so to speak. In fact the person who sold them to me described their effect in exactly the same way as Hdm does. Maybe they are one and the same person, I don't know. My speakers are bi-wireable and supposedely you really should have two pairs for use with bi-wireable speakers, plus another set for your power amp. Then there are ones from a competing company( Audio Prism) that are supposed to be much better,certaionly more expensive. That comapny also makes versions for your unused RCA inputs on your pre-amp, so now you can seee how what seems like a very rasonable investment initially can escalate very quickly. My pair is at a friends house right now. I loaned them to him to see what he thinks, as I value his opinion when it comes to all things audio. He reported not being able to hear any diffeence at all and he has a high resolution system. If you would like to try them out I can get them back anytime from him and send them your way for very little money. I live in Canada so the shipping will probably cost you more than I would ask for the grouind control devices themselves. Just a thought.
Blake here Ron. Small world. (I am the guy that sold the Ground Enhancers to Rcrerar, LOL).
Thanks for the responces everyone
The pair I have are mounted inside my speakers at the crossover input. While not an absolute OMG experience or anything, they sure improved things, and in my case without making anything worse. There was an increase in dynamic punchiness - not exactly a uniform increase in the entire dynamic envelope so much as mainly through the midrange. But, it seemed to 'raise the roof' a bit with dynamic outbursts throughout the mids. The crescendo in a SACD copy of Rhapsody in Blue hit a whole new level of dynamic expressiveness. Al Dimeola's deliberately flared electric guitar notes on his Elegant Gypsy CD have a whole new level of cool factor. Bass also seemed to be a bit better articulated. These things are staying in my system and I may be ordering more down the line.
Hdm and Rcrerar have responses I fully agree with, except I love mine.
And yes I am a clarity and upper frequency freak.
Mine also filled out the midrange a bit where my highly A/C conditioned system was a little lean. Perfect!

I really did not like any on the RCA ground terminations of the preamp.

I made my own. Though the EVS are very reasonably priced, considering so many tweaks want $300 for a bucks worth of parts...

There are all sorts of ways to make variations on this tweak.
I added ferrite and extra wire at the end of the short wire to the terminals..
Over on Audio Asylum in the "Tweaks/DIY asylum" are all sorts of discussions about them.

I have the tails on the negative speaker terminals, and at the amp negative terminal.
I also have one on the ground of my headphone amp (using a ring termination just fitting over the outer ground of the connector)
Walker Audio just came out with a bare wire version of this tweak. As with everything Walker Audio, itÂ’s expensive

I started with the EVS version and it worked so well I bought the AudioPrism version just to see if a more expensive version would work even better. IMHO the AudioPrism version was better, so loaded up on them. I've got RCA terminated Ground Controls on my subwoofer and CDP, and bullet terminated Ground Controls on my amp.

I gave the EVS version to a friend who has really good ears, and he went nuts with what it did for his system.