Evolution Acoustics speaker cables comparison

Hope someone can advice on Evolution Acoustics speaker cables in a non Evolution speakers system.

How do they sound and compared to the Tara Labs Omega Gold and the Virtual Dynamics Genesis-2?

Thanks in advance.
hi david,

of course on my system, dartzeel / evolution the synergy was unbeatable in my opinion. but! we did try them on my friends system levinson / aerial 20T-V2 & also another system levinson / revel salon as well.
in 5 out of 5 opinions that were in the rooms the results were the same:
1-evolution acoustics
2-tara labs omega gold
3-virtual dynamics genesis,,,, a distant third.

the evolutions were more open & transparent with out giving up anything in the bass. the bass delineation was excellent in both the omega golds & evolutions. The evolutions definitely had more extension in the high frequencies as well.

very subjective subject with cables but these were our unbiased results.
Hi Gary,

Thank you for your low down. You are a good friend and alway gave great correct advices so your words are good enough for me.

Thanks again.

Do Evolution Acoustics make jumper cables?. My B&W 800 Diamond works best with true bi-wiring so I was wondering if I can get away by using one run of speaker cables/jumpers and still have better sound quality than what I have currently?.

Yes David,
They do make jumpers.
I suggest you call Jonathan at Blue Light Audio.