Evolution Acoustics new triple run speaker cables

Can anyone advice the differences between Evolution Acoustics newer triple run speaker cables to their DRSC in terms of appearance, price and performance thanks.
i have the triple run Evolution Speaker cables that did replace the DRSC and the TR is quite a noticable degree better. and the DRSC were better than my long term reference the Transparent Opus MM2 speaker cables.

i recieved the TRSC's in late May and they simply build on the great things about the DRSC's. mostly it is a much more open sound, you hear much more into the musical presentation. a lower noise floor. more decay and greater dynamic ease and naturalness. the bass is more extended and less stressed, more real.

all those things are also done well with the DRSC's but this is just a few degree even better.

over the years i've done lots of cable comparisons, sometimes one cable is not that different from another. whether my system is now more revealing, or for whatever reason, this is quite a step up.

i have a couple of golden ear'd friends who are frequent visitors that easily noticed the system performance upgrade before and after when i made the change. it's not subtle.

i did listen to the brand new TRSC and it was easily, noticably better than the DRSC even brand new. then, i did cook the TRSC's for 5 days on my Audiodharma Cable Cooker and it was a good deal better. this was in June, and my MM3 speakers were sold and i knew i would have to pack them up and ship them out in late June. so i did not put more cooking time on them then since i wanted to listen.

so i only have had loaner Von Schweikert Unifield 3's since late June.

and then 2 weeks ago i sent my dart preamp back to Switzerland for a battery replacement and charging system upgrade. so 2 weeks ago i did put the TRSC's back on the cooker for 10 days. but i've not yet been able to listen as my dart pre has not yet returned.

i do suspect that the additional 10 days on the cooker (for a total of 15 days) will help. the TRSC has lots of copper and so can likely take advantage of lots of cooking to reach the optimal point.

i won't get my MM7's until later August/early September to really know where the TRSC cable are at with the extra cooking.

as far as how the TRSC's look, they are nicely built, but are quite stiff. however; they do settle down and lay properly after they have been in one position for a time. the ends are flexible enough to be workable for speaker and amp terminals. to me the triple run 'look' is very hunky and powerful. not as elegant as the Opus MM2, but they look good.

i also have the triple run Evolution power cord for my dart amp and love the look and the sound.

these are the finest cables i have ever heard by a fair margin (i've not heard everything out there in my system). and compared to many state of the art cables they are reasonably priced. not cheap, but not crazy either. a solid value and an easy decision over the excellent double runs.
Mike, Thank you so much for your in depth info. I did not know about the TRSC until I've E-mailed Gary and now I also know about the power cord... Cheers :) EA needs to update their site.

I'll try and speak to EA for the pricing.
BTW, have you compared the EA Triple run power cord to Tara Labs Colbalt or the Siltech Ruby double crown?.

Thanks again Mike.
hi David,

you are welcome.

no; i've not directly compared the EA Triple run to any other cables other than the double run.

as far as Evolution not having the Triple run on their website, i have a different perspective. Kevin builds all the cables as well as the Evolution Acoustics speakers, and until i get my MM7's i don't want him too distracted by a bunch Triple run cable orders. :-)

and once people hear the MM7's Kevin will need to be cloned to keep up.
Mike, No wonder the phone just rings and rings then the dreaded voicemail :) kevin is a very busy bee.