Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Thanks for the response Glory.

I have been in touch with JTin and am almost ready to clinch the deal.. The kind of music I listen too there is not much sub 40hz tones I guess... A honest 37 hz without strain should be fine for me...I dont want to buy a sub right now..The gallo reference 3.5 is another option for me...but I must say that the mmmicrone have me excited.

If I dont have a sub will the mmmicrone not do well?/I listen at moderate to slightly loud volumes in a 18 by 14 by room.
Sounding good at low volume is very important for me.
If anybody else wants to chime in I would appreciate the help.
You don't need a sub then. I like to hear kick drums in my body LOL. You will love them but make sure to stick some Sistrum 004 under them.

The MM 1 to me is a more refined speaker with greater clarity. Less of the cabinet sound for sure. The amp has less than 100 hours on it but to me it does some things better than the ASR but it is not as quiet. It is very musically convincing. There are tubes in the Pre section so I like that.

you would be pleasantly surprised how well these speakers do in the bass region as well at the lower volumes.
do they did as deep (20hz down) as my main system, no, but these gems just get it right. the bass is well defined & solid. i highly recommend them.
i had 2 of my friends over for a listen & they both sold their main speakers to purchase the micro one's. I'm talking about speakers that were in the 20K + range.
good luck, you will no be disappointed!
"it is very musically convincing"
That says quite a lot.This seems like a long term satisfying system you have.
Thanks, this sounds like a very nice long term system,enjoy.