Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Rlawry et al.,

I've asked on this board, and even emailed Evolution Acoustics, but got no response from either source: what size room is best for the MMMicroOne speakers? Mine is 20 x 30 x 8 ft. Should I consider these speakers as candidates for such a space?

I also asked EA for a list of dealers and told them I was also interested in the MMMicroTwo speakers, which are listed on their website with no information available. I have received no response from EA, which is very frustrating. It's enough to make me turn my attention elsewhere.

Can anyone help fill in the blanks?

Gleeds, are you at liberty to speak to the question about a possible price increase?

I would suggest Giving them a call. Much quicker response I'm sure.
You will find the phone # on their site or go to Chambers Audio.com. I know JT is very busy these days but is usually very responsive & helpful.

As for putting them in a 20x30x8. Yes they will work but much depends on associated gear & expectations. My room is 22x33x8 & I've encountered no problems using them in my dedicated room. Of course I have not played them at ear bleeding levels either but I have pushed them a bit.
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Same here, I can't contact EA, Blue Light Audio, or Jtinn by email or telephone. I wonder if I should drive by and knock on the door since I live in Portland, OR.
I am in a much smaller room than your 20 x 30 x 8 and sit nearfield between the speakers, so I am not entirely sure if the speakers are good candidates for your larger room. A lot of it will depend on how much amplifier power you have. The speakers produce 87dB at a distance of 1 meter at 1 watt essentially, so 10 W will produce 97 dB peaks at 1 m, 100 W 107 dB peaks. The sound pressure levels fall off as the square of the distance from the speakers, so you can work this out. I would think a larger room would dilute the bass volume also, so a subwoofer would help here. Hopefully EA will respond to your inquiry soon with a more definitive answer. One thing I can say: once you hear the gorgeous midrange of these speakers you won't care about the bass. YMMV of course.