Evolution Acoustics MM3`s

I want to use them in a mixed HT and audio system. Should I use external subs for Home Theater? or just the subwoofers that comes with the speakers?
Since the woofers are internally powered - I would try them w/o subs first.
The speakers are so tunable I think you could make them work for either, but not both. It took me a long time to tune mine for audio and HT needs to be mixed differently thru the mids and bass.I would never put a sub in the room with these. They will kick as hard as you want if HT is important. If 2 channel audio is tops on your list, these are great speakers!
I use mine for both home theater and music.
Same settings for both and they sound simply incredible!!
Gfroman, what ht processor do you have?
I don't - Everything I listen to is 2-Channel.
My Oppo 105D is used for BluRay and streaming Netflix.
Goes directly to my Esoteric D-02 directly to Ayre MXR mono amps.
Imaging and soundstage is incredible - no need for surround gimmicks!
I run Magico S5's in my mixed 2 channel audio/HT setup which are a moderately difficult load & am quite happy with the bottom end. My current Vitus SIA-025 has plenty of power for 2 channel audio at the volume levels I listen at, though ideally i'd like a bit more control for HT duties. But rather than add an active sub or change amps, over the next 2-3 months I plan on upgrading to Magico S7's which dig down to 20Hz & are about 1db more efficient than the S5's, so they should be awesome in both disciplines.

Your EA MM3's similarly dig down to 20Hz & are capable of moving a lot of air. In the case of your system, I don't think you need subs unless you want to set up a full on HT system.
I've finally set my ht system today, and the bass from the MM3s is even better than before with a pair of Rythmik F15HPs subs and Tyler Acoustics D1s. Really enjoyed my first movie with them.
Great to hear Leog! Yes I agree, in a dedicated home theater, a big sub, or pair of subs are a good option. In your shoes, i'd keep my excellent S7's & add one Q Sub 15 which is an awesome sub. Though my focus is purely on 2 channel music, with a view to HT atm.