Evolution Acoustics

Which one of these MONO amps would you recommend for the EA MM3’s with my ARC Ref. 10 preamp?

D’Agostino M300 Momentum
VTL Siegfried 2
BAT Rex 2
Jeff Rowland M925
ARC Ref 250 SE
Lamm M2.2
Boulder 2050

Right now, I’m using a pair of Rogue Apollos with some factory upgrades.

Thanks for your help.

You have some very, very nice amps in the Apollos....and appear to be ready to make a big jump price wise by your list.  Can you audition any of the amps you have listed?  I would highly suggest doing so.....

i owned Evolution Acoustics MM3’s for 7 years, and now have MM7’s.

my favorite amp on the MM3’s was the darTZeel NHB-108 stereo amp. all those others are fine amps too, but for a combination of naturalness, low noise, extended and smooth highs and micro dynamics it’s hard to better the darts. it does not hurt that the MM3’s were originally voiced on the dart 108 (I was there during that period).

keep in mind that the MM3 is a very refined speaker, and can fully take advantage of the most refined (inner musical nuance) amplifier.

if you have a huge room you could make a case for more power, but with powered bass the dart 108 will be plenty in most rooms. my room is 29’ x 21’ x 11’, and it was enough.

whichever amps you end up with.....enjoy your MM3’s!!

goldprintaudio: I live in Ecuador, and is imposible to test any equipment here. I really think I’m the only “audiophile” around here...

mike: your system was one of the reasons that made me a big fan of the MM3s. 
The only problem that I have with the 108s is that I have all my in-wall cabling installed for monos... and I can’t get the 458s at a reasonable price (at least for me...)😀
Agostino second hand. I think there may be a pair for half off available. I have an S250 and love it. Best wishes