EVo Proceed amp for Newform R645?

Whick amp would be a good match for the newform research R645. Proceed HPA2 or BelCanto EVo 200.2. My friend loves the HPA2 but I have heard great things about the EVo and Newform recommends the Spectron (another digital amp) for his speakers.
if newform recommends the spectron, then why not that? also, interested in your feedback on these speakers - i'm considering newform myself... thanks, doug
You need to listen for yourself.. Don't take someones elses advice.. each system is differnt and the final sound is subjective. I own the EVO and it is not as bright or sterile sounding as the HPA. The EVO is more natural sounding. How it will sound in your system, I could not answer. mike
I like my hpa2, but I have not heard the EVO. Do you have local dealers so you can try both?
I really like the Newform Speakers. The recent review in TAS of the Wisdom speakers reminds me a lot of my impressions of the NewForms. He tries a lot of amps and ends up with a gamut driving the speakers the best. The Gamut is very similar to the EVo in that it only uses two MOSFET outputs for each channel. The EVo however uses the Tripath module making it a filtered digital output as opposed to an analog. I wanted to try the Specton but could not find one to listen to.