Evo owners What speakers work well with your amp?

Just picked up a Bel Canto Evo 200.4. I would like to know what speakers work well with this amplifier. I would especially like to hear from Evo 200.4 owners, or 200.2s used as monos. Thanks in advance!
I would look out for the new virgo 3's coming out later this month.
I own the EVO 2002.2 and run it through a pair of Tyler Acoustic Linbrooks. Detail and liquidity, Sounstage and slam, it's got it all! Great speakers, great service, remember you're buying a company as well as a product.About the only criticism I have is that there may be a little tizziness in the upper end. I switched to Cardas Golden Reference speaker cable, and bingo! All gone! Just music. I know this sounds over the top, but I'm happy everyday I rev-up my Bel Canto/Tyler Linbrook combo.
I heard the evos were the talon Khorus of amplifiers. Did you get to try the evos with the talons before you sold them? I bet they would sound great togeather. - Ian
Heard the 200.2 monoblocks with Talon Khoruses and it didn't suck. Also drove Vandy 5s really well. Happy hunting.

Have a friend that has gone from Classe/KEF to Classe/B&WNautilus to BelCanto/B&W - I'll see if I can get him to post some thoughts, but I know he's REALLY happy.
Highly recommended by this Von Schweikert VR5 HSE Reference speakers owner/dealer and by Albert as well.