Evo 200.2 monos vs. Pass Aleph 1.2 ???

I know I know they are not in the same price range but.... many people tell me that the Evos would be a better match with my speakers (Talon Peregrine Xs). I might have to end up buying an evo to compare but i hope not to have to go through this trouble. Which is better in your oppinion? Two 200.2 run in mono or one pair of Pass Alephs 1.2. I dont need that much power as the speakers are very efficent. Also to me the midrange, imaging and just having realistic voices are the most important aspects to me. Also have a very black back drop is also very important. Lastly, I dont have any power conditioning equipment yet and wont have any for about a year or more, but i will eventually get some. Thanks in advance for your help.
I don't know if you are the guy I responded to before, but here goes. I owned the Talon Audio Khourus (not the X version) and used it with the Aleph 1.2 and with a pair of EVo's run in bridged mode. The EVo by no small margin is the better match for this particular speaker. I also suggest you run them in bridged mode. If you buy pre-owned, make sure you get the EVo's that have the limiting resistor mod. Early EVo's apparently had the protection circutry set to conservatively thus they did not deliver full power.
Similar experience with Khorus and Pass Aleph 0 monos vs. BC monos. While the Pass are great amps, I think the BCs are a better match with the Talons (at least w/the original Khorus'). The BCs simply bring them to life better than the Pass.